Ladies, Go Shop and Burns Your Fat Out!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

You don’t have to go to gym or fitness center just to get exercise, as you can have the same effect and benefit of exercise just by walking around in a shopping center or known as window shopping.

In fact, most women don’t realize that window shopping activities can burn up to 385 of their calories without giving much effort go to fitness center.

What more interesting? You know that English women are walking about 150 miles per year in average for shopping activities. A department store in England tried conducting a survey to 10 women and men in order to know how much calories are used when they are shopping.

By using pedometer calories calculator, it’s known that women are spending at least 2.5 hours for shopping, while men are spending 50 minutes.

According to Telegraph, 2.5 hours spent for shopping is equal to walking for 3 miles, while 50 minutes is equal to 1.5 miles.

In spite of that fact, many people don’t realize the effect they will get when shopping. The survey said that 63 percents of respondents are thinking shopping is one of healthy activities just like exercise.

In average, people are walking about 7,300 steps everyday though the number of steps recommended by NHS to stay healthy is 10,000 steps every day.

And most of women are sticked to the credo ‘shop till drop’, spending time by walking around in a department store till they find stuffs they are looking for without care about the time being spent. This is a benefit should used by every woman who loves shopping.

Now shop till drop is not a guilty pleasure anymore, since it’s a healthy activity. So guys, if you found your ladies are lack of exercise activities lately, just take to the near department stores.


Andy said...

nice info friend, you right that shop can burn fat and health our body. This maybe cause by walking when we are shopping. But unfortunately most of men doesn't like shopping to much, so do i. Except when i go with my girlfriend hehehe. Ntw nice tips friend.

Oh. ya katanya mau tukeran link ya sob, klo mau link blog aku aja dulu tar kasih tau aku kalau udah, tar aku link balik. thank

Andy said...

sory nih sob telat, tapi sekarang linkmu udah aku taro diblog aku sob. thank

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