Having Bad Mood Easily? Check Out Your Food

Saturday, January 16, 2010

If you find your mood easily swings, you should check your list of food you have consumed lately.

A research conducted in Melbourne University recently, reported that those who consuming modern food such as cola, hamburger, and other processed foods, are easier to have bad mood than those who consume home-made food. The conclusion was summarized after carefully examining 1,046 women aged 20 years old to 90 years old for 10 years.
According to the research published by American Journal of Psychiatry, processed food are containing a lot of chemical component, high fat and give bad influence to women. On contrary, fresh food, like vegetables, fruits, wheat processed foods, low fat milk derivative products, fat-free meats and other home-made foods support physical health and emotional stability.

From total of 925 women had been examined, 121 women are having a tendency of depression and anxiety. Further examination on their eating habits showed that these women are consuming unhealthy food: burger, white flour bread, pizza, sweetened milk, beer, and kinds of sweet processed foods.

30 percents of respondents are showing a tendency of emotional instability. The research found that they regularly consumed Australian dietary food, food contained lots of vegetables, fruits, fish, beef, lamb, and wheat. Besides food have been consumed, the research was also examining respondents’ age, weight, and social and economy status, education, physical activities, and other lifestyle and habits such as smoking and alcohol.

In contrast, those who eat only fruits, vegetables, fish, tofu organic, nuts, yogurt, and red wine are almost categorized as "having ability to control emotion". The results of the study would be the basis for further research on the influence of unhealthy food on mental health.

So, based on this fact, I think foods we’re consumed play a significant role to set most of your mood. It’s time to choose healthy foods guys, as you are what you eat.


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