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Thursday, January 28, 2010

After spending about two weeks searching for information about paid to review (PTR) program on the net, I finally made up mind to give it a shot by buying a page ranked domain.

Two days ago, I decided to start investing. According to information I’ve gathered, first investment should be goes to domain. So I started hunting an expired page ranked 3 domain.

First place to go was Go Daddy auction. But I found Go Daddy a bit confusing for a newbie like me, as it requires you to be a member of Go Daddy auction first before you can use its domain auction facility. To become a member, you have to pay $4.95. That’s for annual fee of auction. Once you have registered, you can go to and start looking for your needs. There will be a list of expired domains. There are plenty of domains there, so make sure to use filter tool on the side-bar. Next steps just follow the instruction given.

If you find a domain you want, you can place a bid. FYI, to get your desired domain, you have to compete with others by placing a bid here. The highest bid will get the domain. Before placing your bid, make sure the domain is ok. Go to or any other page rank checkers on net, and see if the domain’s page rank is valid. Otherwise, you only waste your money by bidding out a fake or forged domain. But bidding process took times, so I decided to go to the second place.

The second hunting place was Digital Forum. This is a famous forum among internet marketers on the net. Expired domains can be found in buy and sell thread. There are many threads in Digital Point, so I decided to narrow my search by searching WTS (Want To Sell) threads only.

The rules are bit different here. Each domain offered is usually posted with two codes: BID and BIN. BID code is for auction, while BIN is the price you should pay to get the domain without auction. BIN stands for Buy-It-Now.

However, to be able to make a deal or place a bid, every new member has to participate in the forum, by giving valuable information or responds. This activity shows by number of posts written. Minimum posts are 25. So make sure you reach this minimum requirement before bidding or buying a domain.

25 posts is not that hard to reach. Still it takes time. So, I skipped this place and go the third place, Indonesian adsense forum. I have become a member here, so I just jumped to the trade thread. After thoroughly scanning, I found one interesting domain.
Since this is my first time, I got uncertain. I checked the page rank and it was valid. I also check its backlinks on, and it was ok.

I followed the link given, and it brought me to the owner domain. There were a lots of domains displayed on his blog. Most of them were sold already. What makes me sure to buy domain from him is that I found my brother’s domain in his list. If my brother’s transaction was ok, then he must be a trusted seller.

Thus, I contacted the owner. He gave me the price and his paypal address. The transaction just took a minute. I more than happy to find that this seller kept his word to push-up my domain on time. This gives him another credit for future prospective buyers.

Though I don’t have enough knowledge of paid to review business, I think I just made a small step buy investing on a page ranked domain. I know it takes times to make money online through writing. And I have a plenty of time here, so I think I just go with the flow.


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