5 Tips to Prevent Your Eyes of Getting Tired in front of Monitor

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Many of us are spending hours in front of monitor everyday, whether to work, browse interesting sites, or just playing online games. These activities oftentimes make your eyes get tired, fatigue and having a headache.

Though many people consider this not fully correct, but for sure, the activity does affect our eyes healthiness. One of these effects can be seen when you are having
trouble focusing your eyes on one single object. This condition is caused by monitor radiation spouting direct to your eyes.

So, before it happens, here are some tips to prevent your eyes of getting tired seeing monitor for hours.

1. Keep minimum distance look of monitor
Sitting too close to monitor dangers your eyes. You should keep the ideal distance look between eyes and monitor. The recommended distance is about 20-40 inch (50-100cm). If you still having problems seeing monitor in 20inch distance look, try to magnify monitor font until your eyes get comfort to it.

2. Throw your CRT, Get LCD
Tube based color monitor (CRT) gives worst effect than LCD, and it wastes much more energy also. So if you can afford it, try to replace your CRT with LCD. However, if you thing LCD is too expensive, the best economical way is using anti-radiation filter on your monitor. This helps reducing pain in your eyes for spending hours in front of monitor.

3. Set the Monitor Setting
Many monitors sold in the market now days are providing pre-set display mode to make users easier changing their monitor setting. That feature gives different level of brightness in order to adjust the user condition. Therefore, try to use this feature to get optimum result. If the setting is right, you will see text and internet setting are softer to your eyes, and game or movie setting looks brighter.

4. Use Anti-radiation Glasses
This thing may cost you more pennies, but using anti-radiation glasses will give you more protection. Furthermore, the glasses are easy to carry, so you can take it anywhere you work. Besides, this glasses is not only useful to protect your eyes while you are working in front of monitor, it also covers your eyes from car bump-light, TV radiation and so forth. Another fact, anti-radiation coating on the glasses automatically reduces pain in the eyes caused by over radiation.

5. Rest Your Eyes Regularly
The easiest way to avoid fatigue eyes caused by monitor radiation is to rest it regularly. So try to rest your eyes 5 minutes in each hour. You can use the 5 minutes to take a walk, go out side and got some fresh air, wash your face, or whatever you want to do as long as you can stay away from monitor.


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