Simple tips to care of your keyboard

Sunday, October 4, 2009

For blogger, keyboard is one of essential tools to help creating good post. More comfort the keyboard is, more comfort you type in what’s in your mind. Besides, a good keyboard helps you type faster and accurate while at the same time reduce tension on your fingers and arms. Therefore, keeping your keyboard in a good condition is very important to do.

Here are some tips to maintain your keyboard performance and how to choose a good quality one:

1.Choose an economic and ergonomic keyboard
It’s recommended that you choose an economic and ergonomic keyboard. Research found an ergonomic keyboard helps reducing tension on your arms. Button is another part you should check. Ergonomic keyboard usually is flat has ‘track-ball’ that can function as a mouse. All facilities that come in a keyboard are designed to avoid user’s arm in miss-position, which can lead to arm unremitting pain. So, more comfort and easy-to-push keyboard is better.

2. Avoid contras color
Avoid choosing a contras color keyboard. On the other hand, choose the one comfort to your eyes. General colors are black, white, and silver.

3. Extra functions
Extra functions on keyboard make your work much easier. Some expensive keyboard even complements it keyboard with buttons to active Windows’ pocket-calculator program. There are also keyboards which enable users to give other functions to additional button. It means, all recent activities on keyboard can be activated through a single button. There are also smart keyboard available in the market at present. These keyboards have technology that identifies user’s finger-print. If the finger-print is not recognized, keyboard will not be active.

4. USB port
This facility is designed to help user connecting USB cable of multimedia devices easier, such us MP3 or digital camera.

5. Find keyboard that meets your budget
There are a lot of kind of keyboards available in the market. They vary in price and quality. So make sure the keyboard you choose is matches to your need and budget.

6. Keyboard Maintaining
Clean keyboard regularly. Use soft brush to clean keyboard buttons interval. Avoid placing food and drink near computer table to ensure no food or drink spilled out to keyboard.


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