Online Radio: Another Good Way to Improve Writing Skill

Monday, July 13, 2009

When reading the headline, some of you might raise a question: what is the correlation between listening radio and writing skill?

Well, it is true that listening is one part of skills that has to develop by anyone who wants to communicate fluently in a particular language. But, what if I say, listening does have significant correlation to general English writing skill.

For me, it works. I used to listen to online radio while I am working on my project or just surfing on the net. I preferred radios that have talk-show programs or news programs. This because the main contain of the programs are talk!

Off course, in many occasions I have to concentrate to my work or focus on information I am searching for. In this kind of situation, mostly, radio programs I heard, just acted as ‘a friendly –companion’ to me. I might not catch the whole ideas of conversation, but it made me familiar to language that I am not native for, which is English.

And as I am getting used and comfort listen to the talk-show or news, I slowly begin to learn many new phrases and words. And amazingly, in about a week, I can understand what the speakers talking about on their talk-show. Off course not every part of the conversation, but at least the core ideas of the whole conversation.

At this point, I am pretty sure; you have improved your writing skill. Well, everybody has their on way. I just try sharing everything that works on me. It’s your choice to give a shoot or to leave it. But if willing to try, I would love to hear your comment.


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