West Sumatra

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

An exquiste blend of a beautiful land and the rich culture

West Sumatera, the land of Minagkabau is one of the most beautiful areas in Indonesia.
It is a land of scenic beauty with blue lakes and green mountains offers plenty of beautiful sceneries and culture to be enjoyed, leaving you unforgettable moments of a land of paradise.

You will be spoiled by many interesting activities and the places of interest you can visit. First, enjoy the picturesque beauty and uncontaminated fresh air of mountains, hill, and valley in the north area of West Sumatera. Alternatively you can explore the exotic charm of beaches along the coast from Padang, the capital to the south area. You can also visit some captivating historical places such as Pagaruyung palace in Batu Sangar or Rumah Gadang, a historical museum built in 19th century in Bukittinggi. For those who love challenge, Harau Valley and Siberut National Park are some places you’ll hope not to be missed. You can also enjoy the richness of West Sumatara’s culture through a yearly traditional festival or art performances held in some regencies.

Don’t forget to taste the hot and spicy traditional cuisine, which have been famous amongst Indonesian people. And last, to complete and perfecting your tremendous journey in West Sumatera, take home some unique and fascinating souvenirs like silver filigree, hand-weaving, embroidery and woodcarving for your friends and relatives.

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