Manage Your BlackBerry Vibration using BuzzMe

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

BlackBerry has a unique vibrate feature compared to others handphone. This feature makes BlackBerry device ringing while vibrating at the same time. This feature is possible through a support from an application called BuzzMe.

BuzzMe application can be used to make sure that BlackBerry vibrates when the ringtone is ringing. This is a little bit different with a basic feature which vibrates first before ringing.

BuzzMe is a free application that suitable with BlackBerry that has 4.2 operation system above or 4.5 or 4.7. Beside this free application, there is BuzzMe Pro, another paid version of BuzzMe application which has more rich features to control your device vibration.

With this paid version application, BlackBerry users are able to manage the vibration more detail. For instance, user can manage the vibration function for SMS and email only, or even manage on how long the vibration will be.

Good news for BlackBerry Storm device users, BuzzMe Pro has a function called facedown. It means, if BlackBerry Storm is facing downward (the touchscreen area is touching the table’s surface), then the device will not be vibrated.

If you are interested on BuzzMe free version, you can download it at
OS 4.7
OS 4.5
OS 4.2+
You can find more detail information about BuzzMe free version in

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