No Task Decrease Performance Level

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Load of work in the office is unpredictable. Sometimes, you have to sit down in front of your monitor, banging your head just to force some silly ideas pushed out with a dozen of papers scattered around. But, there are some other times that you just sit down nicely, doing nothing except browsing your favorite sites, updating your facebook status, or sending jokes via email to your buddies.

In fact, having a ‘low- season’ in the office is fun. Off course, for a short time period only. Imagine that you have nothing to do, expect those mentioned leisure activities for a week, or even a month? Can you still feel ok? I mean, from a creative point of view, no task means no challenge. And no challenge is seriously decreasing your performance level, or in certain level, decreasing your skills.

God please, just give me a worth-to-write tasks that help me improve my writing skill. Or just send me someone who offers a hard-to-resist freelance job (that pay in dollars). Or, just give me a reason why I have to stay here for another year? 


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