Learn to Write in English? Just Start Blogging Today

Monday, April 20, 2009

English, as a global language of the world, is becoming the need of everyone who wants to be able to communicate globally. To achieve that objective, there are many literatures written and published to help you easily mastering this language effectively. Some of them are designed for self study. Some are formal books that need a lot of time and effort to take you to the advance level.

For those who have enough time and patient, learning some rules, guides and those complex theories of English writing (for me) are lucky persons. Contrary, for those who always get tired reading theories, most of the times get confused memorizing basic rules of writing, and easily get bored with all that stuff, books and publication do not help. And petty of me, as I am being part on that group.

But I believe, we’re all born unique with each of our own specialties. Just like the old proverb: there are many ways to reach Rome; so there are many ways to reach your goals, as long you have enough faith and tireless effort.

This fact makes me realize that there are many ways for people like me to improve writing English ability. People who are easier learning language by trial and error method; having mistakes before finding out the best possible approach that suit best.

And for that reason, for me, blogging is one way out. I can freely make any mistakes as this is my personal room. Mistakes will improve and take me to the next level naturally. Mistakes make me realize that I am human. And mistakes do have some miracles on getting new friends.

Beside, writing (in a blog) is a fun activity though. It does not only improve your language skill, but also the way of skill of thinking structurally. So, if you are tired of learning some theories, why don’t just start blogging today.


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