Happy Belated New Year

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Well, I hope it’s not too late to say Happy New Year. Though the holiday is soon be over, but I hope the joy and spirit to have better things in life is just get started.

Every year, everyone has certain wishes to get accomplished. However, whatever your wishes: whether it is health, wealth, fortune, career, or relationship, just name the rest—it is important to determine a commitment first. After you’ve done with it, then start setting the objective, or your ‘wishes’ to make it simpler. Once you the objective is being set, then you can jump of your bed and seriously gives effort to realize it; do some ACTIONS to achieve it. And that’s what I call RESOLUTION.

Now, what about my resolution? Well, since I am a simple person, I always set something big with simple steps to achieve. The bottom step is, trying to write whatever ideas crossed in my mind. Whatever means every time it comes, sooner is better. With all that being said, it means I am trying to make minimum one post everyday.

Sounds easy right? Yes it is. However, on my first six months blogging, to reach one post a day is quite challenging. And to do it consistently, is a big problem. Yes, at least for newbie like me.

Once again, happy new year everyone. Have better things in life one year ahead. Holiday is soon be over, welcome back to the real world. And let’s get our RESOLUTION done.


gracia said...

nice site bro.. bihira lang ang men bloggers.. visit me ha.

Risma Hutabarat said...

Happy Belated New Year to you too..
Success with your resolution..
Keep blogging :)


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