Firefox for mobile is coming soon

Friday, December 11, 2009

Mozilla has ensured that Firefox, their master browser - is coming to the mobile version. The presence of this browser on handheld device is even very soon. When?

Mozilla spokesperson said that the final version of Firefox Mobile is coming at the end of 2010,while the version of its release candidate (RC) is coming within couple days.

But, as quoted from the, Mobile Firefox will be available only on handsets Nokia N900 that uses Maemo Linux operating system. This version is not a preloaded model, so users still have to download it first.

And what about other devices? Mozilla has not confirmed. As a result, users who want to feel the sensation of Firefox on the phone still have to wait.

Firefox is currently in second position in the desktop browser market, with under Internet Explorer. Nevertheless, the threat of Firefox market share continued to erode market share of Microsoft's browser.


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