Budget-friendly Corby will be released soon

Sunday, December 27, 2009

After marked a great success with Corby, Samsung will soon release the lowed-price version of this cute mobile phone. As Techtree reported, Corby Pop, the downgrade version of Corby S3650 will be launched officially in India first.

In general, Samsung is targeting consumers who fall in love with Corby, but is looking for lower price. However, though the price is relatively cheap, Samsung promised this next Corby will have extra features on it.

And yes, Corby Pop keeps some features of its predecessor such as 2.8 inch monitor display and integrated FM radio. However the price reducing does affect the quality of camera. While its predecessor comes with 2 MP camera, Corby Pop is only equipped 1.3 MP camera.

In India Corby Pop will be sold Rs. 7000 or about Rp1,4 million. This is quite a competitive price for a touch-screen mobile phone model. Well, if you are one of Corby lover, just be patient and hopefully it will be released in Indonesia soon.


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