Remembering a Dream, Increase Creativity

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Have you been dreaming about something but you feel it’s so hard to remember it once you woke up? Or perhaps you are typically a person who easy remembering a dream that you’ve just seen? The fact, the clearness of a dream has certain correlation with certain ability.

Dream consists of different levels and kinds. In hierarchy of dream, lucid dream (clear dream) is among the top level of all of kinds.

A recent research found that dream obviously helps people improving their ability to solve problems, creativity, conquer fear, and boost self-confidence up. Dreamers even reported could have an orgasm experience during their sleep.

Excerpted from Huffingtonepos, experts and reserchers of dream in New York reported that sort of dream is also able to increase awareness level and manage stress and conflict of life.

And this prevails not only for a night-sleep only. This including an hour sleeps in the noon, or taking a nap. Sara Mednick, a psychologist from UC San Diego who also the author of 'Take a Nap, Change Your Life' said that taking a nap makes someone more creative and increasing his ability in finding solution.

According to Sara, men experiencing more dreams than women. This is because men have better ability to control and to start something better than women.

Ryan Hurd, a dream researcher convinced that he himself frequently having a clear dream. He also said to find a meaning of dream can increase his ability especially in job, romance relationship, and also in sharpening creativity.

A dream will be obviously seen as a clear one when someone focuses to his attention. From a dream, someone can learn something or even get a great idea.

For those who remembering dream clearly and implementing it into their life will benefit of some ideas so they become more creative and smarter.

Both men and women can use their dream to improve their emotional and intelectual. Learning from a dream will make someone succeed in their carrier, sport, and many others field.

The interesting fact is, playing a video game also can increse someone’s dreaming ability. Despite the negative effect of playing video games to health, a dream phicologyst, Jayne Gackenbach said it is okay to occasionally doing this.

According to Jayne, dreaming is like a camping game with virtual world training equipped with fantasy. So, keep dreaming and increase your creativity.


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