Short is Beautiful

Saturday, May 2, 2009

A good posting is not judged by its length. For me, a posting is considered as a good one if the writer succeeds to deliver his ideas and make the ideas easy to understand by its readers.

You can convey comprehensive information in a long posting. Also, you can use different approaches, including persuasive, informative, narrative or what so ever. A long comprehensive posting indeed is art of writing. It needs advance writing skill with kind of sharp observer inside.

But sometimes comprehensive information is not the essential in a posting or frankly speaking, in delivering particular information through writing. There are many cases where a posting just tells a core information, introduction, or just entice the reader to continue digging information from other sources.

It helps reader to get the idea directly within seconds, and decides whether the information is useful or not. And indeed, it needs a certain level of writing skill too. You have to think hard and choose your words carefully, linking them in efficient manner to get such an informative yet stylish posting. And that is not an easy job, especially for newbie like me.

For those who want to learn more about writing a good short posting, Seth Godin is really one of the masters. Sharp, concise, direct, and easy to understand are the primary points you will easily meet as you read through of his piece of writings.


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