Casa Bella, the Essence Of Beauty In A Piece Of Luxury

Friday, May 22, 2009

Casa Bella in Italian and Spanish means ‘Beautiful House,’ This philosophy to create beautiful homes has been translated to our collections since the beginning. Our wide range of high quality furnishings beautifies your house revealing your true sense of beauty.

Casa Bella believes a house is not merely a physical building. A house is a representation that reflects your personality, lifestyle and achievements in life. Each and every furniture and accessory you choose and display reveals your sense of taste and personality. For something extraordinary with a touch of luxury and elegance, there is nowhere else but Casa Bella the perfect place that can provide it all.

For years Casa Bella has been unwavering in providing premium furnishings for those who crave for style, perfection and a royal legacy. The endeavor to bring customer masterpieces of the world and to fulfill your need with something extraordinary leads us to be one of the finest interior furnishing gallery in town with a complete collection of original furniture, lighting and accessories from Spain, Italy and USA. Each of products is perfectly crafted to a royal legacy of artistry and sophistication from best manufacturers. Casa Bella also has an interior designing division that provides a comprehensive service from creating a concept to completion works in residences and commercial projects.

Casa Bella Gallery:
Dharmawangsa Square Citywalk Unit 56 – 61.
Jl. Dharmawangsa VI, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta -12160
Phone: (021) 727-88338 Fax: (021) 727-88340


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